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AMENDMENT TO PURCHASE AGREEMENT This form approved by the Minnesota Association of REALTORS?, which disclaims any liability arising out of use or misuse of this form. ? 2006 Minnesota Association
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Music what's up everyone I'm Carell and thisis the Minnesota purchase agreement thisis gonna be the meat and potatoes of areal estate transaction so it's reallyimportant that you understand it homebuying can be scary and in my opinion itmakes absolutely no sense for you to seethis for the first time right before yousign itgood thing you chose me as your Realtorhuh I got your back also it can seemoverwhelming but it's written to coverall different types of transactions soif you're an average homebuyertwo-thirds of this stuff doesn't evenapply to you so don't paniclet's get into it line one the date Ipoint this out because the purchaseagreement has to be dated before thebuyer rep and the agency relationshipsdisclosure or I get in trouble youshould have your client under contractand explain to them what agencyrelationships are long before you makean offer if all three are dated on thesame day the state is gonna have somequestions for me line three and forbuyer that's you lines five through tensay how much earnest money are youputting down check out my video aboutearnest money if you have any questionsit's also saying that it needs to be inthe listing brokers account within threebusiness days of the seller saying yesto you and signing the PA luckily in2017 that's an easy thing to do becauseyou can send it on line line twelve andthirteen what's the address linesfourteen and fifteen are asking for thelegal description the legal descriptionis on the deed and it's kind of like ahome's fingerprint streets and numberscan change so the legal description isused to make sure that this home is theright home line 16 through 28 those areall the things that are expected to stayin the home now the crazy thing iswasher and dryer aren't included forsome reason so to avoid any painfullyawkward final walkthroughs I'll usuallywrite them in on line 29 just in casehere's the thing you know those reallynice Samsung and LG appliances yeah theycan disappear faster than Houdini so tomake sure that they don't I like towrite them in line 30 to what is andisn't going to stay a good rule of thumbif it's attached to the wall it's gonnastay if it's not it can go now obviouslythere's some room for misinterpretationhere so if you want something that thesellers might take let myself or youragent know also this isn't going toinclude personal property the morecompany is financing the sale of thehome not anything inside of it so if youwant to buy something we're not puttingit on here we're going to put it onwhat's called a bill of sale later onbut if they're giving you their personalproperty for free then it doesn't matterin case you're confused if you want tobuy their TV it's not going on here butif you want their TV mount for free thenit...